Apfelschorle (German Apple Spritzer)

The classic German soft drink known as Apfelschorle, or apple spritzer!  Served in every German restaurant, this has been a popular drink for decades and couldn’t be simpler to make!  Fruity, refreshing, and simply delightful!

apfelschorle recipe homemade apple spritzer german

Growing up in Stuttgart Germany, Apfelschorle was a staple every time we ate out.  My Oma and Opa would order their Pilsner or Hofbräu but for my brother and I and for my parents, Apfelschorle was standard.  Sweet but not overly sweet and refreshing from the carbonation, it was always a welcome accompaniment to every meal.  And of course not being pure apple juice it’s also lower in calories – score!

What is Apfelschorle?

Apfelschorle, also known as Apfelsaftschorle, is German for apple spritzer or apple juice spritzer.  It’s made by diluting fruit juice with carbonated water.  The combination of apple juice and carbonated water is so popular in Germany that you can buy it ready made in bottles.

This couldn’t be easier to make yourself and within just a minute or two you’ll be enjoying one of Germany’s most classic soft drinks.

Apfelschorle Recipe

Simply mix equal parts chilled apple juice and carbonated water in a glass.  That’s all there’s to it!

Apfelschorle typically consists of 40-60% apple juice but you can alter the ratio of apple juice to carbonated water according to your preference.  You can also adjust the fizziness left by selecting a carbonated water that’s relatively weak or one that’s strong.

To serve Apfelschorle like a true German, hold the ice.  Serving ice in soft drinks is uncommon in Europe at large and Germany is no exception.  Soft drinks are commonly served at room temperature.  But if you must have your drink ice cold feel free to bend the rules.


apfelschorle recipe homemade apple spritzer german

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