Bacon and Leek Quiche

Bacon and leek are a match made in heaven and come together in with cheddar cheese in this classic Bacon and Leek Quiche.  A great make-ahead dish, the quiche crust can be frozen and then simply baked with the filling, or the entire thing can be assembled, baked, and frozen whole for up to 3 months for a ready meal!

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bacon and leek quiche recipe cheese cheddar swiss gruyere goat

Quiche is one of those dishes that fits any occasion.  Whether you’re preparing a meal for a casual family dinner, a business brunch, a formal dinner party, or a bridal luncheon, it’s perfect for any occasion.  And it’s also a great time-saving dish because the crust can be made in well in advance, which makes it an especially practical choice if you’re needing to make multiples to feed a crowd or if you’re simply wanting to save on prep time.

This Bacon and Leek Quiche features a flaky, buttery crust that cradles a rich, cheesy custardy filling studded with tender leeks and smoky bacon. Each bite bursts with flavor, the richness of the cheese balanced by the slight sweetness of the leeks.  And while this recipe calls for cheddar, feel free to experiment with different cheeses whether it’s a sharp Gruyere, a bold blue, or some creamy goat cheese.

Quiche can be served warm or at room temperature, making it a perfect option for picnics or potlucks.  It’s also great for leftovers because it reheats beautifully.  This quiche can also be fully cooked, cooled, and frozen (wrap it well) for up to 3 months.  Then simply let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight and reheat it the next day.  Enjoy this quiche for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Fire up your oven and get ready to enjoy this flavor-packed bacon and leek quiche!

bacon and leek quiche recipe cheese cheddar swiss gruyere goat

Originally published on The Daring Gourmet May 17, 2013


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