Slow Cooker Chinese Fried Rice

Fuss-free, hands-off, one-pot, now you can enjoy a Chinese take-out favorite and let your slow cooker do everything for you – try our Slow Cooker “Fried” Rice recipe!

slow cooker fried rice recipe crock pot

Chinese fried rice has always been a favorite of mine, but it’s a long process to get it right, to make it the way it’s served in restaurants.  And during the week I like to keep meals as quick and simple as possible.  You too?  And so I figured, why not?  Practically everything else can be made in a crock pot, right?  So I decided to give it a go:  Slow cooker “fried” rice.

So here’s the thing – I get it, it’s not fried.  But that’s what the name of the dish is and this is a slow cooker version of it, so…sometimes you’ve just got to take a little liberty.  And that’s what I did.

Will the rice be all mushy and clumped together in one big mass?  Not if you use long-grain rice and don’t overcook it.  Is the rice going to be nice and dry without a single kernel sticking to another?  No.  As I mentioned above, getting that restaurant consistency takes time and involves a totally different process.  And the purpose of this version is to save you time on days you don’t have it but want to come home to a tasty, ready-made meal.  I made this yesterday and everyone in my family enjoyed it.

So if you like Chinese fried rice and want a completely fuss-free, hands-off, one-pot version of it that cooks itself while you’re out and about and tastes delicious – and you recognize that this is not going to be quite the same or have the same texture as real “fried” rice –  then this is for you!

slow cooker fried rice recipe crock pot

Let’s get started!

Place the chicken, ham, or pork (or tempeh) in a single layer in the slow cooker followed by the rice, veggies and garlic.

Stir the soy sauce, sesame oil and salt in the chicken broth and pour the mixture over the veggies.

Close the lid and let it cook on HIGH for 2 hours.

Pour the eggs over the veggies, close the lid and cook for another 45 minutes.  Stir the mixture, fluffing the rice with a fork and stir in the green onions.

Enjoy this tasty Crock Pot Chinese Fried Rice!

slow cooker fried rice recipe crock pot

slow cooker fried rice recipe crock pot

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